Jiggle and Crew

When he was born, Jiggle the Hutt was so horrid (even by Hutt standards) that his mother tried to eat him. Instead she choked to death on him.
Recently Jiggle has purchased the Stand & Deliver parcel delivery company. All as an attempt to be taken seriously by the rest of the Hutts(moron).
He then opened a second location in the cess-pit town of Looters' Crash.
The new crew are:
Dibs Fortrout- a young padawan who escaped the Jedi purge. He came to Tattooine after hearing rumors that a Jedi master was in hiding there. Sadly, he hasn't had much time to look, as he's been busy delivering groceries to Ol' Ben Kenobi twice a week. Bummer.
Chaz Dooley- Fast talkin', quick shootin', high flyin', ladies..eh..mannin'(?), former smuggler. Also a raging coward.
Tusk- Infamous Trandoshan strong arm enforcer. He's trying to save up enough money to open his own flower shop.
Slick- He's basically a Rodian Joe Pesci. He wants to get in big with the Hutts. He thinks running with Jiggle's crew is his foot in the door(moron).

"Stand & Deliver: If you don't like it, deliver your own bloody package!"


Slick: "What do you mean I'm funny? You mean the way I talk? What??"
Dibs: "It's just... y'know. You're just funny. It's... it's funny, the way you tell the story and everything..."
Slick: "Funny how? What's funny about it?"
Tusk: "Slick, no, you got it all wrong.."
Slick: "Oh Tusk, he's a big boy, he knows what he said...!"


Member since: 2007
Remus, Michigan USA