Endor Evac

Dear Mrs. Starjumper,
We regret to inform you that, while defending the Empire from terrorist activity, your son Joel Starjumper was attacked and eaten by mutant koalas on the forest moon of Endor.
We are told that his final words were of you.

Signed but not read.
Emperor Palpatine


LOVE IT. Ahahahaa!! (As does Husband, who seems to have developed a habit of watching over my shoulder every time I browse SWAG. He should just get his own account already.)

Evan Black

Those poor soldiers, trapped on a nightmare world where Care Bears dress like cavemen and the military offers them no wilderness training.


I'm glad you like it, all.
I only just found the sketch for this when I was unpacking from the recent move.
I'm really glad i didn't just toss it out instead:P


Heh heh, awesome. This guy is posed like he is the John Constantine of the SW universe, trying to bring a medical bracelet into our world from hell, lol!


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