Heptal Sub-Atmospheric Superiority Fighter

The following was retrieved from the data recorder of one of the Heptal Sub-Atmpospheric fighters undergoing reinstatement/modernization. It is not known whether it is the original data recorder or spare taken from another craft.
'Ganges Leader, Ganges 32, clear of interceptors, beginning my missile run.'
'Roger 32, will follow you in, watch the AAA.'
'Copy that, activating jammers.'


' ..damned, it's thick!'
'32, your starboard nacelle is smoking, check your guages...'
'Primary and secondary servos are out, Nanobackups incepting emergency repairs..'
'Not enough time, dump your load and pull out.'
'I can draw fire awa-'

-Signal from Ganges 32 terminates abrubtly here.-

'Ganges Flight, beware of heavy AAA in SE sector of target. Approximately 4-5 turrets, possibly one missile battery..Missile away! ..target appears heavily fortified. Use cloud cover to mask approach.'

-Momentary pause-

'Oh shh....'

Recording data system from Fighter HS4-847G06/SAF ended and compiled at 0538/06/45-76.

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