Havaarr, Wookie Courtesan

Carrara 8 Pro, Carrara Dynamic Hair and custom color shaders, freebie "man in a yak suit" , and freebie "fembots" by FWHS Designs. Various Daz weekly freebies scene props. No postwork, save signature.

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This is a character concept render I made for a fellow online friend FULONGAMER, who enjoys paying in the Star Wars SAGA / SECR roleplaying rules set. He enjoys the challenge of breaking the stereotypical range of characters in light of something unexpected and different. (full credit goes to Fulongamer for the character concept)

Havaarr is not your typical ordinary Wookie. His velvety soft pelt is honey-gold with platinum stripes. He forgoes the common anger and violence of male Wookies in favor of pursuing the more exotic arts and calls of the Courtesan's Guild. Havaarr has a soft low pitched rumble that's guaranteed to send shivers down most female species spines.

Havaar currently enjoys a privately funded swanky rooftop penthouse on Coruscant, that is, when he's not traveling the galaxy.


..... wow. That really is one great big fuzzy heck of a stereotype-breaker!!!

So fuzzy!