On Felucia

A quick little scenic piece I did after the squad completed a successful escort mission to Felucia- which also happened to be Tusserk's first mission as a fully-fledged Jedi Knight! Tusserk and Toaster talked looong into the night, with Tusserk in the end agreeing to train Toaster as a Jedi; not because Toaster had any real desire to become a Jedi himself, but because it was plain that he was rapidly growing in strength and power, and Tuss was concerned that without any direction or discipline, he would meander too far onto a most undesirable path...


I think this was one of the pieces we judged when Tusserk was joining the Guild... it still PWNS!



Aw, thanks guys! :D And yeah, Asok! I probably would have used this one in my application... it'll probably always be one of my favourite scenes from our campaign!!


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