All Done Up

Just another picture from Jak's most bestest day ever, with the girls of the squad all done up pretty for the reception celebrations. Drawing this I was extra sad that Equisha died so long ago, because then we'd be even more of a freaking barnyard. Seriously, how did this happen? I need to find out if there are any cow species in Star Wars and try to convince the GM to give us one as an NPC or something.

Anyway I had fun drawing pretties, it's sometimes easy to forget amongst the general carnage and horror we generally face in our campaigns that Star Wars also features a decent portion of pretty.


Nice piece...  always nice to have some down time for character development.

On a side note, where's Old MacDonald?

Lord Cygnus

I love this Tussey. I did want to point this out, we have a Dog, a Cat and a Bird together in this piece, now we just need a Mouse to make the ideal cartoon compelet.  =D


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