Ar'ran Family

Request from Trisskar, this one for a family pic with everyone as characters from Star Wars!

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Nicely done Mercy! Interesting how the parents are momentarily oblivious to the little squabble going on between the two kids.

Almost seems like Pa'Ar'ran just slyly popped the question to Ma'Ar'Aran asking if she'd want to have another kid, and the photographer managed to snap the shot during Ma's mid-cringe reaction...

Core to the Quad baby!!!

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Lord Crumb

It looks excellent. The expressions on the kids faces is cute and the detail of the outfits is well done. The cat acting like a cat. It is just fantastic.

Triss, what is the time period for the family?

Kia kaha


Heh! Cheers TNJ!
Wasn't the look I was going for, but that's the great thing about pictures - they can say different things to different people...

Thanks LC - was fun to do!


This is great. lol expressions are awesome. Props. ;)
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Ahhh, lovely! Gorgeous family dynamic you've created there!

I honestly think one of my favourite things about this one is the subtle light coming in from the left? I dunno, it just gives me that 'glint in the eyes' feeling- that final touch that just finishes the piece.

Trisskar know...I never really thought about it :-p most likely Old Republic era since that's where I've been playing all my chars these day's.

I have Mindas and Emrys playing in one of our latest rp's but its non cannon for them, kind of a last minuet throw in mess up that didn't workout so well.


Thanks Tussy! I'm a real ran of secondary light sources, hey. I find it rounds out pictures, takes out the 'flattening' that shadows can leave sometimes.

Lord Crumb

The Tarncrest family is centered around 1,000 BBY. The girls make the picture. The mom with eyes closed gives the impression of "Force give me strength". She's going to need it.

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