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Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game by West End Games is by far my favorite game. Primarily due to the ease of mechanics that is the Open d6 system. The game has turned 30 years old, it’s time to show our appreciation and love for the genre and the system with a new unofficial and fan made version of the Star wars Adventure Journal. Titled Adventurers Journal to reflect its evolution but also a nod to its contributors who have played many adventures within the confine of the galaxy far, far away.

Hi there. I'm designing a cosplay outfit and I'm looking for a higher resolution copy of the Sabacc card images. They're fantastic! Anyone know how I can get in contact with 'nafai' / Derek?



Hey folks,

Working on a piece and was hoping to get a little feedback, opinions, comments or critiques. I want to know if I'm on the right track with this.


Here is another one I would like some feed back on if you would be so kind.

Hi guys, I am new here and after looking around at some of the fantastic artwork, I wondered, what is the best software for a newbie? lol . It may shock many of you, but I still draw using a pencil, pens and coloured pencils !! so any help would be great thanks

I've always drawn and sketched a bunch, it's only recently that I decided to post it up on the internets for people to see. Well, no that's a lie. It's only recently I've decided to climb back on the art posting pony. It's a bit difficult for me to consistently post stuff with half of my year taking place on the open ocean and the other half fraught with in port maintenance and drizz. Still! One struggles onward, in hopes of improvement!

I have hit a wall. As I am drawing, I get ahead of the computer. I did not used to do this. AND, it will occasionally add a solid black line that is perfectly straight. This is a new problem. When I work, like I did with the Wookiee Fur, is when it happens. Never happened during the Wookiee pic.

Tried new batteries in the pen. Not sure if it could be the computer, Tablet or program. I think my next step would be deleting some old files to create space and free up some memory. But I figured I would ask around here as well to see if anyone may have had this problem.


Normally I would be spamming, but this forum is for art assistance, so that's what I will talk about. Not prada shoes or test prep services.

I was wondering what kind of media everyone prefers! Not just Guildies, either, but the community at large! What do you use, what do you like? Do you enjoy charcoals, soft pencil sketches, bold inks, watercolors, all-digital mayhem??

Of course, I am but a lowly spambot and thus have no opinions or talents. That's why I want to know what YOU think!

I am 38 years old and a star wars freak. I never got a tattoo because I could never find anything meaningful enough until now. Darth Vader is the thing that has always been and always be the character that embodies who I am. I need tattoo art done. I have a few pic ideas but I want a medieval Darth Vader. Anyone that can help pm me Thank you.

EDIT: personal emails are not allowed on the site for your protection please use the pm system for all messaging ... Thanks --.Xan

Hey everyone. I am doing a Clone Wars RPG and its going really well. Well for the clones they came up with a unique design. The clones wear all black armor with red highlights on the extras. They distinguishes rank by painting a white skeleton on the armor. All troopers have a white skull painted on there helmet, and as they go up in rank they paint the rest of the skeleton on the armor. the commander having a full skeleton. I have got most of it done but have had problems with the skeleton, can someone help me please. Below are links to what I came up with.


Hello all, I'm new to SWAG so I'm wondering if anyone can tell me how to upload my artwork into my gallery. Any help would be greatly appreciated and May the Force (dark or light) be with you.
And thanks.

Not how to tips but the actual little plastic tips. Mine is a nub and I have no clue where to go to get new ones. I really dont even remember who makes my tablet.( I got it off a tip of them being on sale from here over a year or so ago)..Any ideas would be swell.

I'm looking for someone a little more experienced with Photoshop or GIMP than me. I'm doing all the leg work for a new Star Wars campaign I'm going to be running with a group from my office and I'm trying to put together a really beat up Ghtroc 720; blaster marks, unpainted replacement panels, chipped and weathered paint, and maybe some missing panels with exposed wiring or electronics. Something that shows a decade of dangerous runs with slim profit margins and little maintenance or upkeep.

Ok,,, I rarely ask for assistance or help.
I have been trying to improve upon my digital skills, I'm working with photoshop cs3 extended and a wacom tablet.
I have developed a tendency to do a piece from start to finish in one setting, (do to extensive traveling).
I know I can do more with these tools but have never had any training, instead I muddle about and experiment alot.
I guess I'm asking for advice on my works. :) I know this maybe very vague request but I don't really have any close friends to ask. At least none that can give me any advice, ;)

I do some drawing, and am thinking of applying to the guild. However, I generally only do pencil stuff, and it's usually black and white, so I was wondering, what would be a good way to do some colouring? would pencil be ok, or should I use a computer program? and if so, which ones are good, will photoshop do?

Does anyone have any suggestions or thoughts about wacom tablets? I was thinking of buying one for my little sister, she's sixteen, and she likes to sketch in pencil, but not to color. I though she might be able to use a tablet for coloring. What kind should I look into? Does it come with the software? Can you use them with laptops?

I really need help on the base figure of the laser sniper, any tips?

Mostly Its for a RPG project and the others are gonnna be pissed when they that one of our classical characters cant be drawn up by the group artist,

Sorry if this bumps or something,


OK...Asok mentioned it and now it is driving me nuts.....any Ideas what I am doing wrong in Photoshop to make every pic print elongated? It like the begining of a kung-fu flick here

Hey Y'all,
I have been trying to make lightsabers using photoshop 5.5. I have downloaded tutorials from the net but when I try to follow the instructions it does not come out correctly. It is a bit difficult to find a tutorial that deals with PS 5.5 because it appears that the people making the tutorials either leave steps out or assume that you know how to use photoshop.

If anyone has any advice about making lightsabers in PS please let me know or kowns a detailed tutorial to downlad.

-LC :-)

Hey everyone,

I've been following the artwork on SWAG for several years and I'm a big fan. There are so many talented artists here that have inspired me to try digital art. For this reason I have come to you for assistance.

I've been keeping pretty close tabs on this site almost since the beginning, but I've never contributed. I just haven't had the gift for hand-drawn art. I've been thinking about giving digital a try, though, and I'd like some advice on how to break into that. I'm an engineer by profession, so I'm pretty familiar with 3D CAD software (especially Solid Works), and I tinkered with Poser a while back, but I was frustrated by how long it took before I felt like I could create anything of my own.

Okay, I went through the whole community gallery, and, I didn't see any of the real characters from the films, are we allowed to draw them or only fan characters? And, is this place active still or in '07 did everyone leave or something? Not to sound rude, I'm just confused.

Eclipse, is it okay to use the cannon characters?

Hello, Swaggers!
I'm working on a deckplan of an exceedingly large ship, roughly circular. My problem is that I use Paint and I can't use the circle drawing utility for a circle large enough to *start* the plan at a scale that would be useful. I hope someone can help me with this.
I need a circle (same width as length), black, a single pixel wide, 3400 pixels across. Later, I'd like to be able to ask for a few more circles of smaller diameter, once I sort out the internal arrangement.

Thanks for any and all help!