Gauntlet Starfighter

A Shobquix Yards "Gauntlet" starfighter, first mentioned in the WEG supplement Planets of the Galaxy, Volume 1. Picture referenced from Star Wars Gamemaster Screen Revised. Livery is my own design. Enjoy.

Lord Crumb

The design always reminded me of a old Cylon fighter but it is Wicked.
Good to see you back.

-LC :-)


"My name is Hisham and I like to draw awesome ships so Judas curses my face."
Curse your face, Hisham!

Seriously, though, AWESOME!
I'm totally printing this puppy up for my next campaign.


So I remember a few months ago, I was looking through wookieepedia for actual "named" starfighters for my OCs, and thinking "Man! I wish this Gauntlet one had a better picture!"...and as luck would have it, you made one!!! <3 Totally awesome!


Thanks, guys. Sorry I was away too long. Believe it or not this was the first thing I drew this year, and it's almost May.

Hey Jude.... When'd you get back.
Take a sad song and make it better.

Now... on to my two claimed requests.


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