Factory/Recon Droids

Designed to work as a team, the big guy is a mobile droid factory, producing the small hovering recon drones by ingesting metal, eletronics, etc. and funneling the materials through the factory in his chest. The smaller, four-legged companion droid is intended for all-terrain recon, sturdier than the drones and able to reach places that the bipedal droid cannot.

This was the last request I picked up before the old request forum shut down, finished relatively soon afterwards, but I lost track of the requestor.

Um, if you made the request...it's done! Yay! Here it is!

Pencil and Photoshop (2005)


If I'm not badly mistaken, these were requested by me for the last campaign my players and I did, featuring travel via Stargates. They got lost in an unknown galaxy by tinkering with the gate system, and kept dialing random planets trying to find their way back home (almost made it pretty early on...except it was an Imperial-occupied world). The small recon droids were sent through the gate first to do air/enviroment sampling and transmit back through the gate that the world was "safe" or not. Unfortunately, their definition of safe only included things like beathable air and drinkable water, not hostile natives. >=)


It looks awesome, it really does. I think the one that stands out most is the "Redeye" factory droid himself. I'll show this to the other players this Saturday or Sunday, whenever I see them; I know they'll love it. Regretably, some things happened (dissention from a certain player, the other players wanting to strangle him, and another player moving to another state for college) and we never finished that campaign, though they've shown interest in re-starting it. In the next couple of weeks, we're going to be starting a new campaign (absent of the problems of old, I pray), and if they want to, we'll pick this campaign up again, too. Do one this week, and the other the next week.


I've been in groups with crappy player dissention too and it sucks.

I'm glad you like it. It was tons of fun to work on.

Good luck with the new campaign(s)!



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