Xanamiar alien darksider request

This is my first time at handling a request, I hope I did well enough. I am into rough sketching now and I wanted to try something different so I started with a black background and used levels of red tand blue to form the figure. I didn't really follow the posted color pattern but evil to me is red and it was fun.

Original request;

The species is a very demonic sort of species. Basically the species would scare the daylights out of someone, and they are Force users, ((DARK Force users)) Their skin colors are shades of blacks, grey's and pale colors, and eyes range from greys and pales as well.


Oh, wow! Well that would definitely scare the *expletive* out of me!!!
As ever - nice work man!



Though, because it is a *family* site I will refrain from mentioning what part of a woman's anatomy his 'mouth' resembles.


That's scary. Both the picture and the mental association dredwulf60's comments sparked in my head.

"Cut to the cheese already!"


I spent an hour trying to come up with an appropriate mouth nothing came to mind. Sorry it looks the way it does, those could be considered evil as well btw.


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