Temptation Waits

"You're fulfilling your destiny. Become my apprentice, learn to know the dark side of the force."


The story behind the picture is Brit being introduced to the darkside of the force. The force shard she is holding amplifies the dark side energy at the temple she is being held at.

Here's the outline for that part.

After a lopsided lightsaber duel, Brit was captured by Nharran Phyfe at Pykrene and taken to Mount Celadriss on Corridor. Thar had little use for her at first, although Lord Desoth had his own plans for her. Thar first saw her as a means to an end, whereas Desoth was interested in her for herself. After Inquisitor Fell lets something slip about her parentage, however, Thar took a much more active interest in her, even going so far as to prevent High Inquisitor from turning her fully to the Dark Side.

Thar began to train Brit in the Force, little by little.

Sri Thar uses the dark side nexus present at Mount Celadriss in conjunction with the collection of crystals stolen from Ryand to amplify his dark side energy. Brit, filled with loss and desperation, give in to Thar's manipulation. For the several weeks she was imprisoned, she learned about the dark side of the Force from Sri Thar and Lord Desoth.


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