Chironian Female

A request by RedDragonRipper. I've had the blog for this one up for a wee while and haven't heard back from him, despite emailing. Ah well, it happens.

Request reads:
"I thought it be fun to ask for a Chironian female character to use in a upcoming star wars game. They are a centaur race from the planet Chiron. Young Chironians had cranial velvet horn-knobs which would eventually grow into horns towards adulthood. I'd like the see the horns kinda swept back with her hair kinda like a ram but doesn't make a complete turn. The points of the horns pointing out from behind her head. I'd like to see a kinda "sexy wild" hair style that is the same red-gold color as her horse body. It says on wookieepedia that they normally have red-gold skin but but i would like that to only be on the horse's part more then the human part. The color of her torso I'd like to be kinda a golden brown but not to dark. Her body is slender and toned.

As for clothing where the human meet the horse I'd like to see loose fitting waist jewelry or better yet a utility belt, still loose fitted. For a shirt... I was thinking something loose fitting as she likes the freedom of movement. I'll leave that up to the artist. She has some leather gloves on and a left forearm mounted data pad. She also has a Tribal tattoo on her right shoulder.

As for a location or how shes acting in the picture... maybe a contrast of her running on a grassy hill side with a star wars high tech city off in a distance. Like corellia and maybe have a animal runnnig with her... like a pet silver sand panther...

I hope that this will be fun for the artist to do and everyone can enjoy the outcome of this character."

This is my first time trying to draw horsies since I was about 8yrs old, so I'm rather pleased with myself.
Unfortunately, I did find I couldn't get the utility belt in, and I completely forgot about the gloves. Once I'd drawn the pic up I couldn't find a way to get the sand panther in either so I left it out altogether. I'm quite pleased with the tribal tattoo, though.
I tried the backdrop of grassy hills first to be in keeping with the request, but decided I didn't like it. Plus, it didn't really go with the shadows/highlights on the body. I far prefer the backdrop in the final one.

~ Mercy


OMG last i checked a long time ago it seemed like no one took it. What a surprise to find it here now done! Thanks a lot! She looks great!


Oh, hello!
I had sent you an email, but perhaps it went to an alternate address. I'm glad you like her, I really enjoyed doing it.
I do have a tendency to take the older requests, and think about them for a long while before doing even that. I'm just glad you stopped by while she was still there on the main page - I'd hate to think you were still wanting the request filled and didn't even know it had been done!
Anyway, I'm rambling. I'm glad you like the piece.
~ Mercy


Yes she everything i hoped she would be. I can understand not doing the background or the sand panther. The tattoo is great and i love the waist jewelry just perfect in ever way. Thanks a lot!


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