Alien Trio in Combat - Chaos Ensues

I think I'll let Skwishface explain:

A Duro and two Twi'leks were trying for a stealthy approach to an Empirial bunker, and failed. Spotted by a droid and under fire from a pair of Storm Troopers, they find themselves stuck taking cover behind the very building they were hoping to infiltrate. All three of them are young and fairly inexperienced, and they each react to the crisis in their own way.

The Duro is secretly a Force user, and he is the only one of these three handling the situation calmly as he levitates rocks to fling at the droid to distract it from broadcasting their location. The turquoise Twi'lek techy scoundrel is thrilled at the adventure, and wildly returns fire at the Storm Troopers, MAYBE one shot in ten actually hitting something. The purple Twi'lek noble has never been in a firefight before, and the knowledge that she may need to use her medpac on someone soon is the only thing keeping her from coming completely unglued.

It's a very dangerous, but also very funny scene - clearly these three should never, ever be sent out for sneaky missions. It just results in chaos!

Lord Crumb

If I didn't known any better I would wonder if these three were dealing SPICE on the street corner. Just kidding. Looks great.

-LC :-)


It's definately a nice piece, but the lack of expressions on the characters' faces, particularly on that of the women, hurts the piece. The Scoundrel should have wide eyes and a big grinn on her face as she relishes in the battle. The other female show have a real look of terror, her eyes also wide, but in fright, and a panicked look on her face. She doesn't look scared, and the scoundrel doesn't look gleeful. In both cases, those are missing. Also, the poses are too "static" and "posed" rather than dynamic and natural. There's no urgency in the piece. The anatomy and proportions are good, but it's lacking in dynamics and urgency. I don't get the feeling of danger or chaos that I should be. The scoundrel just looks like she's leaning against the wall, posing for a picture. The other Twi'lek looks like all she's doing is watching the Duros practice levitation. It doesn't look like they're in the thick of battle. Artistically, it's a great piece, but it doesn't capture the feeling it should.


Like I said, as soon as I finished, I realized how I SHOULD have done it. I may go back and redo this piece in the future, in a more dynamic, humorous way.



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