Approaching the hangar

It's a bit meh, but I'm very comfortable with the technique I used here, I might use it in the future.

The LAAT Gunship is obviously not my own design. Once again I use it as foreground :P

Hope you like it!


I think this looks great! Not super detailed, but gives all the visual information that your mind needs to fill the rest in. Very well done! I'd love to see some of the process behind this in your blog.


looks great! very very simple, yet effective. I agree with CCR on this one, next time you post one of these it would be great to see like a 3-4 step process. Good art man keep it coming!


The LAAT isn't just foreground, it's how the PCs get into the Imperial facility to rescue their comrade!

"All I need is more ammo, a little water, and some chips if you got them."


It's kind of sketchy, but I think that's part of the style. The mood and setting is right on!