Death of a Padawan/ The Mourning Jedi Master

An image for Lord Crumb. Thanks to my car breaking down on Thursday, I was able to stay home from work and do something I actually wanted to do! Believe it or not, I was able to knock this out in a few hours, and I'm very proud of the fact that there is no line art present in this picture.

In essence, this was a study in mood for me, and I feel like it was pretty successful. Hopefully you will too.

check out this link -- for the original request.

Ryavar Darek

Looks great and points out the deep relationship between master and padawan, as well as the emotions the master probably has in this moment. The darkness around them could even be interpreted as the Dark Side, surrounding the master and trying to seduce him, in a moment when he probably is nearer to the Dark Side than any time before.

Lord Crumb

Absolutely Amazing CCR. It turned out better than I imaged it would. You do good work.
Thanks for taking the request.

I like Ryavar Darek's comment about the background looking like the dark side trying to seduce the Master.

Two thumbs up.



Thanks alot, guys. Nice comments keep me coming back.

I'm stoked on Ryavar's interpretations; I think that's the first time anyone has ever analyzed a picture that I've done. It is sooo worthwhile taking this to the next level, and making an effort to tell a story.


This is a very nice piece! I love the subtle colors and lack of a realistic background. All the focus is on the subjects, very very nice.


Very cool! I like the monochromic ambiance! Nice esthetic touch, making the wound the only thing in color in your picture! Nice work!

Lord Crumb

your comment reminds me of the Star Wars Fan film "Your lightsaber and you" at Atomfilms. That one was really funny.

-LC :-)


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