Twi'lek Pilot

Heyyy I still remember how to draw!

In our story this guy has recently been taken in and mentored by Wylluf, and I guess he's one of the family now?


Yes!  A Million times, YES!

This is a simple design, yet 100% unique.  So much personality with so few lines. And that smirk!  My gods, that smirk!  I feel like I've had an hour long conversation with this guy, already. Like, I know him, yeah?

Side note: Why do male Twi'lek have ears and females seem to have those weird horns?  Am I missing something?  I can't seem to find a good reference....



Hah, thanks! Fun fact, when Jak first met him she thought her husband had hired a strippergram rather than a bodyguard :P

But the question of Twi'lek ears has plagued me since the dawn of our first campaign. I honestly don't know what's up with the lady ear nubs.


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