"You leave me no choice."

A variation on Brit.

Lord Crumb

The girl's name is Brit Brega. She is one of Scriado's rpg characters I believe. There are more pics of her in his gallery.

If I am correct, she had started her descent to the Dark Side.

The background does give you that Empire Strikes Back feeling.

Well Done.

-LC :-)


Scriado... You never let me down. I'm amazed! The mood and lighting are amazing! Very ESB.



If it helps -- and certainly not to detract from all the yummy goodness -- the foreground object seems like it ought to sharply cut the lightsaber's glow. Looking good though, Scriado. I especially like the way you've done her costume. Keep up the great work.

- Gith


Thanks everyone, and Lord Crumb for doing the research. I got lazy with the foreground element because I didn't know excatly what to draw. Once again I am experimenting with lights and mood.


Lights and mood are working great. They match the expression on her face quite well.

- Gith


The color choice is really awsome, cool blue to hot red. The whole thing works really well


Well done indeed. It really pulls you in and you can almost feel how she does. Excellent work


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