Cantina 3d Rendering

A 3d rendering of a cantina. This is a fairly clean cantina of course, which fit with the specific environment, however it is still full of the vilest pirates on the planet Onderon, as well as merchants, information specialists and arms dealers. Developed for my own RPG setting. All generated in 3d, the holo was added post render from a 3d figure.

Hablyonus Pense

This is awesome! You should make more stuff like this for use as a desktop wallpaper.


Thanks, at the moment I can only render 800 x400 (its a restriction of my trial software), but I will eventually do 1800 x 1200 ones. These will also be made into maps, and possibly 3d structures for miniature roleplaying, as well as pictures for flavour for my rp'ers.


I used sketchup to do the drawing and maxwell render to do the light rendering.


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