Just Doing a Job

On a Revanite occupied portion of Dantooine, some 3,600 BBY, a squad take the underground route to move in and claim a base of operations.


Super cool! Love the different colored, multiple light sources. Plus, this group is carrying some serious personality considering the number of hidden faces. :)


We joined a RP guild on SWTOR,  who run fairly regular DnD style 'sessions' with a vaaastly simplified ruleset, but it's enough to keep things fair and interesting and fun. Everyone with enough confidence/willingness takes turns GMing various elements of the war campaign, so it's... quite varied and lively, compared to what I've come to expect from MMO RP. :D Time zones and work schedules make for all the usual limitations, so I can only really have a relatively peripheral character, and my tabletop group/story will aaaalways be my #1 -- but we're having fun, and it's nice to have a little something between our home campaigns.


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