The Hunt

Trandoshan hunter, Trunchk, with his trained Slinkers (he calls them that because they tend to slink) Bloodclaw and Mitzy.


You know, because of his stance, and the scenery, I thought he was some kind of monkey like species... didn't expect him to be a Trandoshan :)  Nice picture btw... 


I hear ya, Xan. Despite my best attempts to make him just look brooding and somewhat grizzled, he kept coming out more monkey-like.  Ah, well....


Wonderful!! You sure know every way to my heart, don't you? Trandoshan with his hunter-beast friends, ahh.

Loving that flash of light in the background, too. Perfect way to round it off and balance the colour of Trunchk himself.


Thanks, Tuss.  I just realized that the light in the background (supposed to be the moon) was meant to be casting a green-ish light effect.  I must have lost a layer somewhere when I merged everything.  Now I gotta go see if I have it saved somewhere still.....


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