A portrait of a young Mirialan and her monkey lizard


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So I am for some reason unable to post anything to my gallery, so I will post things here. 

Another watercolor sketch in my moleskin sketchbook, this time of a young Mirialan girl, possibly a preeten who is starting to bloom into a smuggler or scoundrel after a stint of dealing spice on the streets, among other less savory things. 

This was a fun little piece that probably took me about an hour or so. 



Ug, this came out looking like s*** on here. I need to figure out what the heck is going on because this looks like a vibrant bunch of puke by comparison to the actual piece. 


Huh! I'd be wondering what was 'wrong' with the piece if I didn't see a version you had uploaded elsewhere! I don't think I'll ever understand the mysteries of what-happens-to-images-travelling-through-the-internet, but I can understand your frustration!

Either way, it's still a lovely piece, even in 'super bright' mode. The shadows are perfect.


I think it looks pretty awesome - it's more saturated here than your fb post, I think. But I don't think that ruins the piece.


I just checked your account Jynxie... You should be able to post images in your gallery.  It's just different than it used to be.


You see "Add Content" at the top left of the page.  Click that and click Image. No reason for that not to work.


Let me know if you can't see Add content, or image in adding content.  I'll see what I can do.


Hey Xan, I can't upload images. When I click the upload button I just get this long list of errors even though my images are to specs. That's why I have been posting things to the blog instead. Not sure what is going on. Also if you check out this image on my FB page (Kat G Birmelin on FB) you can see there is a big difference. (If you send me a friend request there please let me know you are from swag!). The images are the same ones, this one being smaller to fit the format. But they shouldn't have converted over differently. 


You have to be on my friends list to see stuff (Or at least you should according to my settings)