Progression of an Artist Part 2 [Mercy]

A while back I did this Progression of an Artist piece on Asok.  Now I wanted to do one on Mercy.



Although Mercy is a newer artist, I think she single handedly did everything she could to fullfill MANY requests.

Here is a quick look at her art progression over the past 4 and a half years here on SWAG.

Also check out her WIP's in her Blog section of her profile.  Really quite impressive.

Force Adept Sha'ala Doneeta Slacia Katarn Awesome Wookiee Head Atramilitis Tarncrest Family Portrait Valkryie Cain


These are but a few of the hundreds of requests that Mercy has fulfilled over the past 3 and half years.  And as one of those that she has made several drawings for I wanted to say, "Thank You Mercy."  You're a wonderful artist, and a great addition to this site.   

All the artists here work so hard for all those who don't have the talent and you did a wonderful thing for all of us who were looking for pictures of our fictional characters that for one reason or another end up meaning so much to us.  

So, thanks again. 

Please take a look at Mercy's HUGE gallery. (by clicking her Mercy picture at the top)  She has done a LOT of work for us and I hope to see you finding your muse once again Mercy.


Mercy is awesome; I cannot thank her enough for the pieces she did for me, especially my non-SW requests that she humored. Such a talented artist and such a kind person...honestly, this place hasn't been quite the same since she decided to take a (well-deserved) break, but I understand how badly she needed it; she was inundated with requests, perhaps moreso than any other artist here. Enjoy your time off, Mercy, and never doubt how much we appreciate all the work you've done.

Lord Crumb

Mercy has done several pics for me and they always turned out great even the lengths she will go to get the pic just right for the requester.  She has awesome talent and always look forward to seeing her work here on SWAG.  Words fell me in describing what to say.


I remember those early drawings! Those were in your Guild application, and I LOVED them!

Mercy, you are and always have been completely AWESOME.

Lord Crumb

The female Twi'lek in three different classes is always a cool one.  You can really tell that Mercy progressed in her artwork over the years.  They just keep getting better and better. :)


I think she's just trying to live :) ...  ((And she's become a lurker who posts when she wants to :) ))