Baby maalraas! [Request]

Whoops I was supposed to be working on something else and drew this by accident.

Derf requested a young maalraas (aka nighthunter) and, well, I just kind of went nuts with the baby-animal-isms. Ungainly proportions, extra fluff including a layer of downy fuzz, huge ears, huge eyes that are baby blue and will no doubt darken and probably change colour completely with age... little babby teeth, nothing too spiky, and... yeah. Baby space cat monster thing!!


Crazy ! Very good job again !
He seems so sweet. Could you make a red version with bad eyes ?

Thank you very much.


Lol - love the over-the-top babyisms! Nice work, especially the colouring in the eyes & ears. The expression on its face is wonderful.


Awwwwwww! ;)

Core to the Quad baby!!!

If your going to complement me, don't tell me my work is neat, cool or awesome. If you really like it, tell me why you like it and what you like about it. Only then I'll take it as a complement.


Damn it! This is so cute I want to hug it and squeeze it and love it and other things that aren't manly at all. What are you doing to me, Tusserk!?


this looks great! ..thinking of a story with someone breeding these and selling em to wreck havoc! hehe!


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