Kaanan and Q

Characters played by me and my youngest brother in a game GMed by my other younger brother. My little bro is Kaanan, the mean little Chadra-fan with ADD, and I'm Q, the psychotic alien robot who wants to kill all humans. It's been pretty fun.

Evan Black

I like the Chadra-Fan's apparent "no nonsense" expression, and the droid's mantis-like appearance. Great job!


lots of little detail going on here....Great job. and once again, kudos to your wardrobe department.

Lord Cygnus

Why do I feel like I just entered Chalmun's Cantina and I can hear Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes in the background. Nicely done indeed.

"Eh, lil buddy... your big bug-droid, we don't serve his kind in here!"


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