Steampunk Twi'lek

Request for KaelWinters.

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Definately steam-punk! Nicely done Mercy.

Core to the Quad baby!!!

If your going to complement me, don't tell me my work is neat, cool or awesome. If you really like it, tell me why you like it and what you like about it. Only then I'll take it as a complement.

Lord Crumb

Like the design on the outfit and it is nicely rendered. Good job and glad to see you back.

Kia kaha
Aliit ori'shya tal'din - "Family is more than bloodline"


Hey guys! Glad you like!!

Kael - sorry, was gonna put the both of them in one pic but it didn't seem to work...
I guess I could do another one for Tal.


Steampucnk works so well with Star Wars. The historic Future feel lends itself to the feel. You have done another wonderful job.


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