Kubaz Sniper/Heavy Weapons Specialist

A Kubaz sniper/heavy weapons specialist, requested by SWCwookiee.


You have been putting is a lot of details as of late too my friend. This is an awesome example of your work. Do you overlay red and blue?...the color along with the expression gives him a somber look. Lovin' the rifle but mostly that belt...the odd placement is what makes it so believable and makes it work, Great choice. This is why you have become my favorite start wars artist. You and Stirzy that is.


Wow! That really means a lot, to be put in the same category as Stirzy. I am honored.



Bout' time you showed up lady....Thought you were brainwashed by the chineese and liked star trek now or something...lol


Nicely done Asok!

Core to the Quad baby!!!

If your going to complement me, don't tell me my work is neat, cool or awesome. If you really like it, tell me why you like it and what you like about it. Only then I'll take it as a complement.


Asok, this guy is hands down my new favourite of yours. Awesome colour choices as always, and I absolutely love the character design.


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