The Queen of Air and Darkness, YV-545 Freighter

The Queen of Air and Darkness. a Corellian Engineering Corp YV-545 light freighter with a number of modifications in the attack and defense department. Requested by Lord Cygnus! Check out the request thread for details of its weapons add-ons. Media: Pen, ink, watercolors and one Copic marker.


super awsome coolness...I love ships..they are my favorite subject to look at in any sci-fi..and you do wonders man.


FanTASTIC! I totally love how it is beautiful in a hideous monstrosity kinda way.
Like it fell outta the ugly tree, hit every branch on the way down, and landed in a big ol' pool of kick-ass sweetness!


Thanks gang. The Admiral commented that the front airlock between the mandibles are unusable due to its location where it can't mate with other ships' airlocks. That's true, I suppose. Any ideas why that airlock's there?


Do we ever see the thing in action? Any suggestion that it might extend into a, uh, tube of sorts to get past the mandibles? Or perhaps an extension-tube airlock fitting is standard for larger vessels?


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