Star Wars: The Rancid Putrefaction of a Cosmic Caterwauling Cabal

I just GMed what should be a one-shot game of Rebel operatives during the Dark Times era. But we had fun. Maybe we'll play them again some day. Top to Bottom: Tyvokka - the bowcaster-wielding male Wookiee pirate, always mistaken for the mother of... Pew Pew - the male Ewok gunslinger with twin blaster pistols, a sombrero and a poncho. Otherwise knows as the "loliwok". Avril Mantessa - newbie female Human Jedi with a red-bladed lightsaber on her first mission after leading a sheltered life. LOM-P1 (Lompy) - LOM protocol droid who captains the scow A Pile of Garbage and unwittingly gets sucked into the rebel mission. (Also has trouble with inner monologues - he vocalizes them even when it's not wise to do so.) Medium: Pen & markers


Duuuuude I love it!!

That ewok... oh man, he is exactly what some of the guys in my group would come up with as a character. Cracks me up!


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