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New Bleach request for Seghast:

Best word to describe Tyn Tethis is "anti-hero," I suppose, although his closest companions might also use "unhinged." He's an arrancar, a special form of Hollow that blurs the line between Hollows and Soul Reapers like Anrak; they have partial masks permanently attached to their faces, but are otherwise mostly human in appearance. Each one has a hole on their body, generally their chest, to show that they lack a heart (hollows don't have hearts), and lacking a heart makes it very hard to be a nice individual. In The Espada's Masquerade, these spirit beings have survived a war against the Soul Reapers and are now hiding in the human world, living in artifical bodies and pretending to be human to avoid detection and execution.

The remains of his mask run along his lower jaw, flowing up and around his ear to disappear into his hair, almost fading into it. His mask remains are very bestial and look like the lower jaw from a predatory beast (specifically, a velociraptor), with rows of sharp teeth lining it, the longest of which would be the canines at the front that almost reach up to his bottom lip. The mask is similar to Yammy's mask, but not as bulky and with much sharper definition.

His hair is short and wildly spikey; one to two inches long at most and standing straight up. The color is best described as "arterial red" or "bloody crimson;" like fresh blood, the exact shade seems to vary from bright red fo a dark crimson hue depending on how the light is hitting it. There's a diagonal red stripe that begins under each eye and races back down towards the corner of his jaw, and the eyes themselves are a deep, piercing amber, very predatory in appearance. There's a black 5 tattooed on the back of his neck right below his hair to signify the rank he held before being exiled to the desert.

He wears mostly white, like most arrancars; white hakama pants, lightweight black boots that won't hinder his speed, a sleek, white jacket that's open at the top just enough to reveal to black hole in his chest where his heart used to be. He's about six foot one or six foot two, two hundred pounds of muscle; he spent nearly a decade in exile fighting for his life on a daily basis, so he's in pretty good shape. Because of the slow aging prcess for spirits he still looks 23, just as he did when his life as a human ended in the early 1970s.

Like Soul Reapers, arrancar have swords known as zanpakutou, although theirs do not posess a spirit of it's own. His looks like a katana with a crimson sheath, with a few gold accents on it whole the weapon itself has a dark, steel-gray guard shaped like two Velociraptor claws from Jurassic Park end to end, while the blade is an ovry white, almost like polished bone. The pommel has a six-inch long tassel composed entirely of crimson feathers.

Most Arrancar seem to have an animal element associated with them, and Tyn's is a Velociraptor through and through, including the pack mentality, which made living alone in exile for nearly a decade hard and made him a bit...feral. Prior to exile, he was a cunning a devious creature and it reflected in his eyes. Now, though, post-exile, he retains many of his more feral traits and survival instincts despite having been reunited with the others and welcomed back into the fold. His old cunning is finally returning, albeit slowly.

Seghast's writing here: The Espada's Masquerade



That's just the link to Chapter 29; it actually starts here.

I likey so far; only thing I would really change is his expression some in the full face view; he looks about ready to go pick a fight, but during this scene he was musing on the changes going on inside the palace of Los Noches and whether or not they could trust "Lord" Aizen. Barely two days after this scene, his concerns got him labeled as a traitor and he was forced to flee for his "life" (or would existence be a better term given he's already died once? o.O )into the endless desert.

I notice I did make a mistake in the description I sent you (other than the obvious spelling errors...ought to teach me not to type while half-asleep); his tattoo was actually a six pre-exile. If he hadn't been declared a traitor and chased from the palace, he would have become the new number five in a matter of days as ranks were shuffled around to replace the "missing" and executed. Years later, when the war has proven his concerns right and he's reunited with other survivors, he finally gets his five.

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Oh... well, damn.

Hey, I'm gonna stick up what I got done last night - can you tell me if it really doesn't suit the mood you were looking for? I'd rather not start again if I can help it!!
I based the scowl on your description of him, didn't realise that he would be having a 'serene' moment at this point.

5 - 6 change no problem, I can totally change that!


The scowl works a lot better now with some color to it, so no worries; probably feeling frustrated over how blinded everyone else seems to be by their "glorious" new leader.

Lemme post the flashback segment this scene seems to be showing. =)


Neliel had disappeared without a trace just a day earlier, and Tia Halibel, still the cuarta at the time, had yet to be promoted to fill the empty spot. Tyn had been questioning Lord Aizen and his motivations since his arrival in Hueco Mundo, ignoring the fact that the ex-shinigami had granted him far greater powers than he'd have ever known otherwise, that Aizen had graced him with a human form instead of his bestial Adjuchas body.

Tyn wasn't alone in his distrust; there were others among the Numeros who expressed similar feelings, and the rumor currently going around the palace was that the seventh Espada had recently been executed for being too vocal…

And then Tia had overheard her own fracción talking…

"What if he's right?" Mila Rose had asked the others, referring to the sexta.

"Don't say that." chided Halibel, stepping in. "He's not right. None of those who question Lord Aizen are right; they are simply being paranoid because he's an ex-shinigami."

"But Tyn had a point earlier…" said Sung-Sun, the look on her face suggesting that she hated to contradict her superior. "If Aizen used and betrayed the Soul Society, how can we be sure he won't do the same to us?"

"Because I trust him." said Tia, folding her arms over her chest. "Lord Aizen saw how corrupt the Soul Reapers are, how they persecute hollows without mercy…he said the system needs a change, and he's right. With the new forms he has given us, we will help change the system by overthrowing the Gotei 13 and creating a new era."

"But-" started Apacci, but Halibel held up a hand to silence her.

"It's not open for debate; Tyn is wrong, end of story."

"Yes, Lady Halibel." replied the three women in unison, bowing their heads as Tia walked off the find the sexta and have a talk with him about his dangerous ideals.

Tyn wasn't hard to find…he never was, unless he wanted to be. The self-proclaimed Raptor Prince was in his quarters in the palace, didn't even keep his door locked, and Tia simply invited herself in.

She found him perched on the balcony, crouched up on the railing and looking out at the artificial sky Aizen had recently painted onto the interior of the great dome, his forearms resting on his knees. She fixed her eyes on the black six tattooed on the back of his neck just below his crimson hair, a six that would soon become a five as her own four became a three. She stood staring at his back for a moment, pondering how best to approach the subject and appeal to his sense of reason.

By all appearances, he was completely oblivious to the fact there was anyone else nearby; he had not moved since she'd entered and his zanpaktou stayed at his hip, with it's red-feathered tassel dancing about gracefully on the light winds blowing in from the desert.

"Am I the only one bothered by Neliel's sudden disappearance?" he asked aloud, showing that he was indeed aware of her presence.

"Yes…" said Tia, walking over to stand on the balcony with him as he finally hopped down from the railing. "You know she despises fighting…she probably just decided that she didn't want any part in the coming war and left to go live in peace somewhere."

"I doubt that." snorted Tyn. "She'd have told us at least…"

"Why should she? She was the Tres Espada; she didn't answer to you, Sexta."

"I mean us as in the Espada in a whole…we're a pack, you know."

"Don't start that again." sighed Halibel as she leaned forward against the railing and looked out at the sprawling sand dunes, having already heard his spiel about the lot of them being some sort of unified pack too many times to count.

"Denying it doesn't make it any less true." Tyn said, looking her over. "Nice new jacket, by the way; couldn't you find anything that was actually big enough?"

"Smartass…" she growled, though her voice lacked any real venom to it. "It may be a bit small, but at least it conceals my mask."

"Don't be so self-conscious about it; not like the rest of us don't have our own masks."

"Yours doesn't cover the entire lower half of your face and most of your chest…" she said, a trace of bitterness working it's way into her voice for a moment before fading away. "Look, let me get to the point of this little visit; I came here to tell you to stop your anti-Aizen rhetoric."

"What, did he send you to silence me?" he asked warily, and she shook her head.

"No… But your mistrust is wrong…wrong and dangerous; it could get you labeled as a traitor and executed."

"They'll have to catch me first." grinned the Raptor Prince.

"You have the speed, but Aizen has the power and the numbers." Tia warned him. "I know you've heard the rumor about the number seven being executed…if you don't watch what you say, you might be next."

"Isn't that proof enough, then? If he's the great savior everyone thinks he is, the mighty hero who will finally affect change for the hollows and establish a real balance, why would he feel the need to execute dissenters?"

"Because your ideas could destroy the foundation of the Espada!" Tia exclaimed, not understanding how he couldn't see something so obvious. "If an army doesn't trust it's commander, how can they fight effectively?"

"And how is executing people supposed to earn the trust of others?" Tyn challenged. "Look, I understand where you're coming from; Aizen gave us all great power, and I love this new form… He's a very charismatic individual, and that's what makes him so dangerous; he makes all these grand promises and all he asks for in exchange is complete trust…and you're all going along with it! Tia, anytime someone demands blind obedience, you'd be a fool not to open your eyes."

"The fool is the one who throws away his chance to help make a difference because of his own senseless paranoia!" countered Halibel coldly as she started for the door, angry at how stubborn he was being.

"Tia…" Tyn called after her, "Don't be so blind! If Aizen is really the man you all think he is, then he should be encouraging us to question the status quo!"

She didn't answer as she headed out the door, simply shaking her head as she went. She was amazed that anyone, even Tyn, could be so foolish… Aizen was going to change things for the better, he'd see…if his questions didn't get him killed first.

Couldn't the fool see that she was only trying to protect him from himself before it was too late?

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Whoooo-aaaa! Looking NICE! I think you've done an awesome job capturing the mood...

Though, oh man, the way he's so carefully perched there, I just want to tip-toe up behind him and poke him in the back...!


Just a shade darker on his hair, and I think we're good to go, Mercy!

He's not just a character in my latest story; I get to use a variation of him for our DC campaign where he's being forced to live in New York and help protect humans.

Worst superhero ever: Fighting the first major villain of the campaign, Tyn went overboard and destroyed an entire city block and knocked out the power grid for all of lower Manhatten. He may have "forgot" to be careful around civilians, but at least the rest of the group managed to save everyone.

He got the job done, though...even if there wasn't enough left of the other guy to bury. Oops.

Somehow, I don't think the Justice League will be sending him an invitation anytime in the near future.

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Love it, Mercy; the mask and hair are just perfect now! Thanks for putting up with my geekiness...I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate it! =D

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