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Well, duderinos, I've been keeping pretty busy of late. We've got an ongoing D&D 3.5 game running, and I'm playing a Masters of the Universe-inspired Locathah cleric (MERMAN!!).

I recently introduced my little bro to the RPG phenom (McFly!), and we recently joined a D&D 4th Edition game at the local game shop, where we play two twin halfling rogues. Lotsa fun!

On the business side, I've been making the moneys with some art commissions for a small RPG publisher, drawing some superheroes, and working as a colorist on another superhero brawl piece.

Also, a sci-fi pin-up girl happened somewhere in there.

So yeah. There's that.



Cool. I too am planning on doing something similar to for a small indie game....




Duuude. Very, very slick. Mr. Merman is... super ultra awesome, I am really impressed!

Thanks so much for sharing!


OMG!! And here I was wondering how you had time to do the number of SWAG pictures you do - now this!! I'm gonna have to go do some serious thinking about my time-management skills...
You're amazing.


The best part is that I work almost 10 hours a day on some days, with my main job and my side job, and I have an hour commute each way. And then I do some art. And PWN Donkey Kong!!