GET SOME GLUG! [Request]

...Okay sooooo, I might have just gotten super excited by the idea of attempting to do a cheesy-grin over the top poster? I was intending to do this request sort of on the sly and keep it open for anyone else who wanted to take a crack at it (ie, anyone more accomplished than me at recreating devilishly handsome male humanoid specimens) but I'm pleased enough with what I've come up with to upload it.

And, well, I figured it really doesn't stop anyone else who wants to attempt a Fizzyglug poster from doing their own take on it, anyhow. And I still sort of want to do the 'whole crew laughing at the poster' image as well... let's hope the motivation stays with me, haha.

Hope you like it, Anarchangel!


Nice! Love the slightly scrunched paper effect with this - looks just like a poster!!


Yes! Finally! I need to make a quick trip to the Mos Eisley spaceport convenience store...



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