The Bestiary

The Bestiary! A rival 'team' that the GM concocted for our campaign, we've run across the Bestiary a few times, sometimes fighting with them, sometimes against them! They're an eclectic bunch, lead by the sassy lady Trandoshan 'Mynock' who's basically obsessed with their 'look'. She cheated at a Sabacc tournament with the aim of using the prize money to get a brand new ship- red and gold, of course- and got away with it, despite our best efforts to foil her plans.


Yay! You got it!! XD Only ONE of our party actually clued into that.... hooray for somebody else noticing our little Iron Man flowerpot.


OH WHAT! Superpimp!

My only suggestion (and it's a technical one) is to try experimenting with different kinds of hardness and flow settings on your brushes. I think if you play around with some brush variety, you could find some styles you really like!



AAAAHAHAHA. You guys crack me up!! Now I can't stop looking at the way the bantha is eyeing off the astromech....

Also, thanks for the tip, Asok! I'm notoriously bad for 'sticking with what I know' ...maybe I *will* actually take some time, ignore my impatient streak, and actually have a play with brush settings...


What I like is the Wookie in red plated body armor, reminds me alot of the Planets of the Apes re-imaged movie.

Wookie in plated body armor... scary concept, especially since he's actually in league with the lady Trandoshan... :)

Core to the Quad baby!!!

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