Boga's Lair

The lair of infamous Nar Shaddaa crimelord Boga the Hutt. Don't cross him, or he'll feed you to his squid monster...



I love it!! What a fantastic, fully realised scene. The mood and the lighting is great.


Nice one Asok! I think its more a red & purple theme this week, with your Rutian Twi'lek ;)

Also nice for a change its a Hutt entourage anywheres but Jabba's palace. Love the city scape. Must be Nar Shadda or Coruscant?

Core to the Quad baby!!!

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Dude! I think this is one of yer best bits, yet. I don't even know where to start....the shadows....the character variety......I must sit more.


I agree !
What a pretty scene, funny characters, great background !
What strange specie of alien is on the left background?


The aliens are (left to right): Quarren, Gran, Devaronian, Twi'lek, Hutt, made-up robot, Duros, made-up alien, another made-up robot, and a Rodian.



Awesome pic. I love everything about it.
Also, just to point out is that Boga is the name of the Varactyl that Obi-Wan used in ROTS.


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