Triss and Sadik - Bha'lir

A new request from Trisskar;

"Here is a re-quest for a double Bha'lir Picture (Male and Female together)Bha'lirs are large cat like creatures, very similar to the Savannah lions. Reference (Don't really like the picture they provide though >_<):

The two Bha'lir's represent two well known characters ^_^ Trisskar Vander & Sadik of the bladeborn

I would like for each Bha'lir to kind of have similar trademarks that connects to their human counter-part.

Golden mane/eye (Sadik has golden hair/eyes)
Triss has Raven black hair..perhaps black fur?
Red markings or the actual ribbons themselves (Triss wears red ribbons)
Marks *Optional* (Sadik has a mark on his forearm - Triss will soon be getting one on her shoulder there is a picture of her mark on her wiki page down in 'contacts' with Reiji)"


I love the pencil strokes


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