Inex Jonn, Sakiyan Scoundrel

Inex Jonn was requested by I.J. Thompson. Previously drawn by Asok here, this Sakiyan sports a flight suit with Flash Gordon-esque pulp trappings which might have been designed by either Carmine Infantino or Al Williamson for the Marvel Star Wars series. He hates it when he has to face a glitspider alone. A bigger image can be found here. Medium: Pencil, inks & water colors.

I. J. Thompson

Hisham, this is brilliant! You've really captured the 'Marvel' feel I was hoping for, and I love the classic sci-fi 'V' chest thing!

Putting him in the context of a (apparently losing) battle is a wonderful touch - it makes one curious about the character, and gets across the idea that he's usually just holding on for dear life! :D

I've updated his Wiki page with this great illustration... thank you very, very much!

(And Asok, if you're reading, your picture still accompanies the page for The Luminous Three, since it did such a great job of showing off the whole group!)

Thanks again, you guys. Man, I'm blown away! :)

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This blows me away! Great portrait, Hish. I especially love the v-collar thing too!



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