ARC Trooper J3D1

ARC Trooper J3D1, who has a lightsabre strapped to the barrel of his DC-15S, was requested by Demetrinighthawk. Illustrating this piece, I discovered that I really miss inking with a brush. One hopes Mr. Nighthawk approves of the artwork, if he logs in here again. Media: pencil, ink and water color. Also, onions. Click here to view a larger image.


Hish - This is totally awesome! I love the style you used here, you need to do it more!

-Raeree Giin, Jedi on the run.


I concur! Very awesome, dramatic pose!

I only have one very little concern - I think there might not be enough curvature on the arch-side of his left boot. Kinda makes it feel backwards.

But fantastic otherwise!



Thanks, Darren & Ryan.

That's true about the boot. Also, now I've seen it at this size, the left forearm looks too short. That's why, ladies and gentlemen, it's a good idea to do a pencil thumbnail, then a full-sized penciling, before inking.


The clone trooper rocks! Especially that wistful gaze - the helmet - so awesome.



Very well done, I love the idea you had for using a lightsabre as his bayonet.


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