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So it's been a couple of days now and I am still very new to photoshop and tablets.....I made this piece using a sketch in my sketchbook. I scanned it in to photoshop to try to learn the tools a little bit.

I am a little surprised how fast I can render on the computer, but I miss my watercolors and inks. So I enjoy both, but Traditional is still my fave.

Anyways, since most of you guys do the digital thing any crits good or bad will be appreciated. This is just a color comp...so....be easy.




Looks pretty damn good to me! Amazingly better than my first adventures in Photoshop land... It really shows that you have a strong traditional medium background which can be a huge asset to a digital artist. My only suggestion is to get bolder with your colors. Don't be afraid to let your colors pop. Another suggestion, since you seem to be pushing for a painterly style, is to not be afraid to go outside or over your pencil scan or inks. That almost always lends itself to a less digital manufactured look to a more traditional feel. Just suggestions, not crits. Awesome job!

Another thing I thought might be fun experiment for you, since I know you like tommy lee Edwards, is to look at his ink style he uses sometimes. He will use differnt colored lines on his base sketch to really emphasize his subjects. For example, if he was drawing Luke skywalker and painted the hair a variety of golds and browns he might outline the hair with a khaki or brown for that extra emphasis. I've always thought that was a cool way to give a pic a less manufactured look. Hope that helps!


I agree. Quite good Jynxie! I'm always down with bolder colors and bolder line art, but do what suits your style!



Really really awesome. The purple highlights in the hair are really nice and the outfit made me think of Fallout 3, and that's not a bad thing ;)