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Edit: I've redrawn the mining tower. I drew up a bird-like riding animal, and after I realized how much it reminded me of the Roadrunner, I had to draw a desert background. The next two pictures are a riding/pack animal in two versions. Also, the camel-dino picture now has some color.

I've been thinking about doing some kind of illustration project for a while now, and it's gaining some momentum. I've decided to do a story about a planet I invented for a SW RPG campaign - Moridia - but I'm taking it out of the realm of Star Wars. I've got a few sketches so far.

The first is just a practice landscape, to get a sense of scale and perspective (since I've done so little work with this kind of thing).

The second is a llama-like pack animal.

The third is a mining tower, sort of like a sandcrawler.

And the fourth/fifth is a trader taking his wares across the desert on his dino-camel pack animal (I drew it with and without hadrosaur crest, still can't decide which I like better).

I'm still in the phase of concepting, so not everything has names yet. :P



Dude! Excellent work!
I love the look on the Llama-thing's face - priceless! "It's a living..."
I think I like the Dino-camel with the crest and, btw, the picture's fantastic!

I look forward to seeing this progress!


These are great. I seriously love 4-5. Your work is fabulous

I have ADOS..Attention Deficit...OOOH Shiny


did you sneak in a waving earless teddy bear on the back of the pack animal?

I have ADOS..Attention Deficit...OOOH Shiny