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working on my own character. Here's to hoping I can finish it.



Wow! This is awesome work! The portrait is very real, very skillful, and the fantasy creatures are just cool!



OK...so I get really distracted really easily. I am alos doing my character in his newer outfit. He is a Scout/Adept.wearing some old Jedi armor that has been modified. He is a treasure hunter and is compounding a large cache of loot...skimming from the party loot...shhh. Still 2.2 meters tall and blue. wears the helm to hide Chiss background, supposed to be spying on the state of the Empire and helping the Rebels


I love Scriado's style very much and spent an hour doing this little number....really got to take some time and practice this stuff..it's kinda fun...no need to drawn first just kinda put a ref out there..more cartoony than his..gives you an idea how good someone is to try it their way...way to go Scriado


I am debating the hood option. The character wears the hood allot and it is keeping with the theme of my first submission. but I do like the helmet too...quandary


The lightsaber is coming out really cool, but against popular opinion, I like it without the hood.

Lord Crumb

What is that? A Wookiee with a truckers cap on. He must drive (or fly) the big rigs (or freighers). Looks good.

-LCT :-)


It's a Jarell. They are a crustacean species. That was a Imp Officer's hat...he is a pirate...lol, looking good...not if its a wookie...its a horrable wookie. whe I was going through the races I saw these guys and it reminds me of Davey Jones..so I made a pirate. Just a traced sketch Want to add allot of little trinkets all over it.


Wow, that Jarell oozes personality...among other things. Not something I'd want to bump into in Mos Eisley.