Polydroxol Smuggler

An unnamed Polydroxol smuggler, as requested by JaymachRalTir. Yeah, I'm a sucker for older expanded universe aliens. Polydroxols of Sevetta first appeared in the adventure supplement Twin Suns of Kira


Thanks, Mercy. It's quick and dirty for speed's sake, mostly.

And, no he's not wearing pants.



Oh man, you took that request? I've been hoping someone would do this forever! Awesome job!



I first did a thumbnail on paper for this request... maybe six months ago or so. Always wanted to go back to do this one for some time now.


Thanks again, guys.

Jace, I was thinking sometime last year of doing the standard D6 templates on Planets of the Galaxy aliens. Like Brash Saurton Pilot, Laconic Krikthasi Scout, Ee Alien Student of the Force, Quixotic Gacerite Jedi or Zelosian Outlaw. However, as per last year, time is a scarce commodity at this time.


That'd be a cool idea! An Ee Alien Student of the Force would be awesome!

And yes, I, too, have fallen prey to the Infamous Grandfather Clock of Dwindling Time. We really should do something about that.

Take a Death Star to it, or something... :P



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