Target Practice with Jo'luk and Narruna

This is a scene representing Jo'luk's recollection of target practice with Narruna. This was early on in the campaign, and the first picture I drew for the game (Travis was unemployed at the time, so he was cranking out pictures at a mad pace - pictures he should add to his SWAG gallery but hasn' of which is his version of the target practice, which is noticeably different than mine. Maybe one day he'll post them.)

Jo was a fringer who had a knack for building intricate and insane looking piles of moving junk that he pilfered from the scrapyards of the various planets the crew visited. One of them was a target practice machine with lots of moving targets and robot heads that pop up and down, with a C3PO-type vocal box programmed to insult the shooters to try to break their concentration.

Just one of the many fun, strange things he had to come up with on the looooooooong, boooooooooooooring interstellar trips, in order to survive the monotony.


You ever think of making a comic out of your work ImperialLackey? They tell a great story and would be cool if you put them in order from first to last. I bet we could get a good idea of the campaign you guys had/have just from the pics and little writing you add. ^_^


Yeah, Travis Moore and I had a plan to create an incredibly in-depth and detailed rpg web site with all the drawings and stories from our Star Wars and DnD campaigns, but we couldn't find a reliable web designer who was willing to do a whole bunch of work for no money. We had hundreds of drawings ready, and more on the way. We even made friends with some of the artists over at Weta Workshop, who wanted a place to put up their rpg artwork as well, but I don't know web design (not to the level that I envisioned the sight to be). Could you imagine how cool that would have been, with Weta artists strutting their stuff? One of them was even fellow Swagger Reverend Strone, who I got to meet a few times when he was in the States at some convention or other. Very cool guy. Maybe one day...


Well I hope your dream can come true one day, we need good sites like that, and like SWAG, to inspire and keep the community rocking. ^_^