Gungan Jedi Master riding Kaadu

I really liked the idea of a mounted Jedi and this picture just evolved from that initial idea. I used a lot of reference from the The Phantom Menace 'Art of' and the 'Visual Dictionary' books. The setting was greatly inspired by production paintings by Doug Chiang.

Because of the Kaadu's height I realised that the Gungan would need a longer spear-like weapon to be effective so I combined a Gungan Cesta with a Light Sabre to create a 'Light Cesta'.

This picture was quite a battle to complete and I got that dreaded feeling after I had started to add colour that I'd ruined it. I was going to abandon it to start something else, but I persisted and eventually came up with something I'm quite pleased with.

Medium: Pencil, WaterColour, Digital


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