Starfighter Jock Portrait

Here's a portrait of a starfighter pilot. An hour's worth of digital painting, using a photo reference. Also, it's a response to Drig's blog entry here. And no, I didn't have a Brash Pilot PC thus I have no name for this character. So if you need to use a picture of a laconic or bored-looking fighter pilot in your session, just use this image.


That is so cool...
I love the fact that you can put a face to the nickname. Very Cool!


Far out Hish! Really good self portrait!

Little known fact - Hisham did my namesake character portrait - Terras Jadeonar years ago, and we were both amazed how stunningly close it was to my actual self, later / after when i showed him a pic of myself!

Its about time you finally did one of yourself Hisham ;)


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