McFly, Trandoshan Smuggler

McFly the Trandoshan smuggler as requested by awrhodes9723. Media: GIMP & Wacom! MCFRY!!!!!!!!


Dude, that is freaking awesome. Only thing, what's with the lightsaber hilt? It seems a little out of place.

I. J. Thompson

This is fantastic... I love those dot-pattern shadows!


Hot Damn, Hisham!! I nearly snapped this piece but you beat me to it - sweet job. Love the zip tone in it, looks wicked dynamic. By the way, I nominate 'Hot Damn, Hisham' as the new catch-phrase for any new killer pic by Hisham. Say it out loud, it sounds awesome!

I. J. Thompson

Forgot to mention: I love how the 'white' part of the image isn't exactly white, but rather 'old comic book paper' white. Awesome!


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