Shan Do

When Toaster finally downloaded all the information about his past, Tusserk's fears were realised. The being that now faced the squad was definitely no longer their (admittedly baffling) Force sensitive X1E7 unit, but a being who called himself Shan Do, claimed to be a Jedi Master, and revealed himself to be a shard.

Tusserk didn't trust him an inch.


An excellent rendition. And a very fitting ture it what seems to be a great campain with twist turns and woderful subplots


Thanks man!!

Yeah, the campaign is unbelievable fun... we're still going with it, but the end is twinkling out there on the forseeable horizon now (we just hit level 19 last Sunday! Ahhh!!). I'm sort of trying to stay vaguely chronological with my image uploads-- this is where we were at at roughly this point last year. Heh. My super ultra mega favourite bits are yet to come!

I'm still deciding whether I want to try writing up the grand saga of our dear squad in some fashion, as suggested by Judas a little while ago... maybe, maybe!


Awesome! I swear, it's like watching trailers to a movie whenever you post something new. I find myself waiting impatiently for the next one..... Yer like the J.J. Abrams of SWAG!!!


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