Shades & Cyare

A new request from Setie;

"I was hoping to get a pic for a scene from a story I'm writing with a fellow RPer. for if you want to read it. :)

Anyways, was hoping to get a scene pic of Shades and Cyare from the beginning of the story. Shades is a prisoner on a mando ship after a nasty fight. So she's got various wounds (none really threatening), her mechanical eye got ripped out so she's got cords dangling, and her mechanical arm got snapped off at the elbow. In other words she's a serious mess. XD

Then you have her appointed guard standing outside her cell. He's just staring...and staring...and staring...and of course he's in all his dark blue armor and just having a Mandalorian staring at you is bound to unnerve. When unnerved Shades gets mouthy.

And that's the little snap shot I want. Mean little punk of a merc that really should not be mouthing off hissing at the Mando guard on the other side of her cell while he tries not to laugh at her and keep his cool."

Lord Crumb

A great picture Mercy. Does her health insurance cover the injuries that she sustained. Are cybernetics covered under her HMO or does anyone know a good mechanic. Ha Ha Ha.

-LCT :-)


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