Senate Guard in Field Armor

Jaek Kerris: As requested by browwiw;

Jaek was raised to respect the Republic and democracy above all else. To serve the Republic is to serve the common good and preserve law and order. His childhood education on Cardia has instilled a strong sense of discipline and duty in Jaek. He is very much a 'spit and polish' soldier, taking great pains to maintain his uniform, armor, and kit even in miserable battlefield conditions. This is not out of vanity, but the belief that as a Senate Guard he must always present the ideal face of the Republic.

Since becoming an active member of the Guard Jaek has become somewhat disillusioned with the virtue of Senators and the democratic process. The Republic is in decline and corruption and inefficient bureaucracy are rampant. Rather than becoming cynical or corrupted himself, Jaek has become more resolved in his convictions. If the leaders of the Republic are lack, then it is the duty of public servants such as himself maintain the honor of the Republic.


Wow, a lot of work has gone into this one, I can see. I like the sense of perspective and the the focus blur is really cool. It makes it look like a movie still!
My only point would be that the blur seems cut off sharply at two points. I guess you used a filter for the effect but maybe the edge could be softened? I don't know how that particular filter would be used as I haven't tried it myself. Otherwise, fantastic work!

P.S. I have to say, I love how you've done the shine on his armor. Is that the smudge tool, or just consummate brush work?


Yeah, there is a definite border where the two blur levels end. Drat. I should fix that!

The high definition shine on the on a layer over top where I lay on a panel of white, and then smudge lengthwise to get a 'ripple-fade' effect.

Otherwise, the less distinct shine is many layers of high transparency 'screen' brush strokes of the applicable colour.


Woah, that looks really sweet! Wes can be proud, hehe. :D

Love the shading and the shiny look on the armor. And the depth-of-field foreshadowing is nicely done as well. You got some sweet talent going, man! ;)


I thanked Dredwulf via private email, so I forgot to thank him publicly. Thanks, Dredwulf. I really appreciate your work.


Thanks for the comments CorranFett. I'm still not too sure about the facial portrait. I didn't get the eyes right, but every fix just made them worse, so I figured I'd call it a day.


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