A Most Unconventional Padawan

I think this guy deserves a little explanation!

So, a long time ago, while still in the service of the Empire, the squad decided to try and make a little extra pocket money by picking up a few bounties. One such bounty was a mad scientist, who was successfully collected- along with a monstrous being he was in the process of creating by patching together parts of various other beings. Apparently he's trying to create the galaxy's most perfect... thing? Yeah, it's a Star Wars Frankenstein Monster!

A passionate little Tusserk and a naive little Toaster decide that they don't want said scientist or monster handed over to where the Empire could make dastardly use of their genius/monstrousness, so they try to stall cashing in on the bounty.

Meanwhile, the squad accidentally ends up with the unconscious body of an Imperial Inquisitor on their ship, and are trying to decide how to get her back 'home' without at the same time implicating themselves in the fact that they let a rogue Jedi get away. (Tusserk says WHOOPS, how EVER did we let THAT happen!?)

The squad goes to do some other mission related stuff.
Toaster 'accidentally' leaves the mad scientist's door unlocked.
The squad comes back to find the scientist in the final stages of transferring the Inquisitor's brain into his monster's head. UH-OH, we've unwittingly created a Force sensitive monster!

Captain Lonar has STERN WORDS with us. The scientist and his creation are LOCKED UP AGAIN. The Inquisitor's body is... disposed of. And we go on to do some other mission related stuff. During which Tusserk sneaks off to give the ship's access codes to a fellow anti-Imperial agent. The squad comes back to find the ship empty. OOPS. Captain nearly has a hernia.

Almost a year's worth of sessions later, the squad is attempting to save Jedi Master Umwaw Naduun from Toaster's evil past personality. During the session, we are also reunited with Frank (yeah, the nickname we came up with for the mad scientist's Frankenstein Monster that stuck so hard the GM was unable to name him anything else!), currently in training as Umwaw's Padawan! At the end of the session, when everyone else is heading back to the ship, Master Naduun pulls Tusserk aside. He asks him to please keep looking after Toaster... and also to continue training Frank, as he's 'gotten too old for this'. WELCOME TO THE PARTY, FRANK THE MONSTER NPC!


Asok- Dr. Evazan had no hand in the creation of Frank, except perhaps for 'inspiring' the Gm in the first place! ;)

Judas- You. Um. You're talking about one of the Troopers, right? Otherwise, ahh. Um. I hope your kids take after YOUR side of the family....!!


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