Jedi On Korriban

This is a piece I did for fun when I heard that Bioware was making Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Lord Crumb

Absoultely Amazing! The detail in the landscape is great and is the Jedi holding his lightsaber in the Shien form like Ahsoka Tano from The Clones Wars.



wow! It's so realistic, makes it seem like a person were really looking down on the Jedi. And the Jedi looks almost lost or at the very least tired. I think it's really cool.


That's got to be one of the most professional looking pieces I've seen done by a fan. It's excellant.


You really captured Korriban's look and feel, as well as how it might look if the Jedi came to the world. Very cool and I love it.

I'm actually thinking of getting The Old Republic MMO when it comes out if it ever comes out hehe.


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